Pickled Red Onions



The Story Behind our Pickled Red Onions.

Expanding on Sandy’s range and once again only when it passed the family Gold(berg) standard, did she add Pickled Red Onions which proved to be as popular as the Pickled jalapeños and is one of Pekel’s top selling products.

They are mild, tangy, refreshing and have Pekel’s signature crunch. The brine allows the natural sweetness of the red onions to come through. Preservative, colourant and sugar free the pickled red onions are also suitable for vegans.

If you think you don’t like onions then you haven’t tasted Pekel’s pickled red onions.

We’re sure you’ll love them and hope that you’ll share a pekel of our pickled red onions with your friends.

Ingredients: Red Onions, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Herbs.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate.



Add to a salad, tacos or poke bowl.

Try in a wrap, pita or sandwich.

Serve with your favourite hamburger,

Delicious with cheese on a cracker

Add to an omlette.

As a snack.

Great finish for any dish.


*photographs courtesy of Yuppiechef


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