Pickled Jalapeños



The Story Behind our Pickled Jalapeños:

Sandy Goldberg’s family are passionate about pickled jalapeños but couldn’t find a brand that they loved. Always up for a challenge, Sandy started experimenting. After much testing, tweaking and tasting they knew Sandy had hit hot gold.

They sent a pekel (endearing Yiddish term for parcel) to family and friends for feedback and the orders started rolling in.

What makes Pekel’s Jalapeños different?

The taste. The perfect balance, of sweetness to heat. The crunch. The brine is so delicious, it makes you crave more. They are preservative and colourant free. Suitable for vegans.

We’re sure you’ll love them too and hope that you’ll share a pekel of our pickled jalapeños with your friends.

Ingredients: Jalepeños, Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Herbs.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate.



Perfect as an hors d’oeuvres

Try in a wrap or sandwich

Serve with your favourite hamburger,

Add to bolognaise or pasta sauce

As a snack – goes well with biltong or eat straight our of the jar

Great finish for any dish


*photographs courtesy of Yuppiechef


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