About us

About Pekel

The Goldberg family, are passionate about food. For them food symbolises hospitality and sharing good times with family and friends.

When they can’t find something that meets their expectations, Sandy enjoys the challenge of trying out and adapting recipes. She focuses on taste and understands that sometimes the old fashioned way of making things by hand, requires time and patience. Sandy experiments until she has created something that passes the Gold(berg) standard taste test.

When they love something, they enjoy sharing it family and friends and so they give them a pekel – a little package, a gift of food.

When demand for their Pickled Jalapeños grew, it was clear they had to share them with more people. So in 2019, Sandy Goldberg, based in Cape Town, South Africa, started Pekel which has now expanded to include a range of even more delicious, handmade pickled products.

To get in touch, email: sandy@pekel.co.za.