Pickled Vegetables



The Story Behind our Pickled Vegetables:

With the growing demand for healthy fast food in a jar, Pickled Vegetables or Giadiniera, which is what the Italians call it, was added to the product range.

The pickled vegetables are tart and fresh with Pekel’s signature crunch. The brine, perfectly balanced with a mix of herbs and garlic, allows the flavours and natural sweetness of the individual vegetables to come through. Preservative, colourant and sugar free the pickled vegetables are also suitable for vegans.

We’re sure you’ll love them and hope that you’ll share a pekel of our pickled vegetables with your friends.

Ingredients: Mixed Vegetables, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Herbs.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate.



Perfect as an hors d’oeuvres / antipasto

Try in a wrap, pita, taco or sandwich

Serve as a versatile condiment to any meal e.g pasta, pizza, fish, chicken or meat.

As a snack, straight out of the jar.


*photographs courtesy of Yuppiechef



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